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What is alimony?

Are there different types of alimony?

Who gets alimony?

Does remarrying affect alimony?

Does Florida have Guidelines for calculating Alimony ?

Do I qualify?

Does Inheritance affect alimony?

child support

How does alimony affect child support?

How do i enforce a support order?

My spouse moved. Do I still owe support?

Can a parent be required to pay college tuition for their child?

My Ex never told me i had a child and requests years of support.

child abuse

How do i report child abuse?


How Do I choose a divorce attorney?

what is a divorce petition?

should couples consider mediation?

What happens after the petition is signed?

What does a mediator do?

What is a settlement agreement?

is it okay to date before my divorce is finalized?

does florida enforce out-of-state divorces?

domestic violence

How do i report child abuse?

Marital settlement agreements

What is a marital settlement agreement? And how is it enforced?

Can an anti-modifcation of alimony clause be inserted in a settlement agreement?


what does a mediator do?

how long does mediation last?

does the mediator meet with the spouses separately?

what is a settlement agreement?


What is a paternity case?

can either parent establish paternity?

what if the father lives out of state?

Prenuptial agreements

What is a prenuptial or postnuptial agreement?

Can a person limit their exposure to alimony with a prenup?

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