Parenting and Child Support

Parenting and child support

When parents separate or divorce, the most significant decisions relate to the child(ren). The rights, duties and responsibilities of each parent must be fairly addressed in parenting and child support. We will advocate and negotiate on your behalf to secure what is in the best interests of your child(ren).

We believe that custody battles in court should be avoided, if at all possible. However, where a child’s well-being depends on a parenting plan that cannot be achieved through negotiation, we will be thoroughly prepared and ready to conduct a hearing or trial on the custody issues.

Beaulieu-Fawcett Law Group lawyers have the experience necessary to handle difficult custody cases, and to guide parents through this emotionally difficult process, while always staying focused on the ultimate goal of ensuring that the child’s best interests are promoted and protected.

If you have additional questions about parenting and child support, please contact our office at 561-819-6208  to schedule an initial consultation or go to our contact page.

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