Interstate and International Relocation


Florida has enacted a relocation statute which addresses the ability of parents to relocate with a child more than 50 miles from their residence. For those parents who find living in different countries or states a necessity, their locations greatly affect their parenting rights and roles. It is critical that you understand these rights, duties and responsibilities.

The state of Florida has enacted a statute which outlines very specific procedures that must be followed when a parent is looking to relocate the child more than 50 miles away. In all such cases, the parents must comply with one of the following:

Relocation Agreement — When both parents (as well as any other parties with visitation rights) are able to come to a mutually acceptable arrangement regarding the relocation, they may file a written agreement to that effect with the court. The agreement must include consent for the relocation and a detailed parenting plan.

Notice of Intent to Relocate — Absent a written agreement, a parent looking to relocate a child more than 50 miles from the current residence must file an “Intent to Relocate” with the court. This document must contain specific reasons for the proposed relocation. It also must include a proposed visitation schedule. If the other parent agrees, the relocation may proceed. If the other parent objects, a hearing will be held and the court will weigh all of the factors before making a decision based on what is in the best interests of the child. If a timely objection is not received then the relocation is granted.

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