Dissolution of Marriage

Divorce Dissolution of Marriage

Florida is a no-fault divorce state. In essence, the only basis needed for a spouse to obtain a dissolution of marriage in Florida is that “irreconcilable differences” have arisen. This can be very difficult for some Christians to accept because this means that even if you do not want a divorce, do not believe in divorce and refuse to get divorced – the Court will grant a divorce. For those forced into this process, it is imperative that you do so with Christian counsel.

Every divorce case brings a different set of circumstances and different legal issues. The team of lawyers we have assembled at Beaulieu-Fawcett Law Group  has unparalleled experience in navigating our clients though this difficult process, and handling whatever challenges may arise, be it custody or financially related.

We empathize with the intense emotions our clients often experience, yet we are committed to practicing reasonable and sensible law and providing objective advice as to how to achieve the best possible outcome. If that requires litigation, our attorneys are highly skilled and effective in the courtroom. And when a divorce is settled without a trial, our lawyers’ drafting of settlement documents is clear, comprehensive, and straightforward to avoid unnecessary disputes later on.

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