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New Article: "Sage Advice for Young Lawyers"

“Law practice is demanding. Balancing your personal life with your obligation to clients is critical to your success.” In her article published in the Women Lawyers Journal, Stacy N. Beaulieu-Fawcett, Esq. gives sage advice for young lawyers. Download the PDF to read the full article (page 34-37): Stacy N. Beaulieu-Fawcett, Esq., is the managing partner…

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Florida – 3rd Highest Divorce Rate

Florida has the 3rd highest divorce rate in the country which has contributed to its 2017 ranking in the top “most stressful states”  to live in a new study by Wallethub. Using data from 33 metrics that included average hours worked per week, crime rate per capita, percentage of the population living below the poverty…

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No Alimony Reform This Year

For the third time in four years the alimony debate in the legislature has ended with the status quo being maintained. This means that alimony will remain determined by need and ability to pay, and the duration of alimony will still be presumed to be permanent in the case of long term marriages. This year…

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