What Visitation Schedules Do Most Judges Use?

WHAT VISITATION SCHEDULES DO MOST JUDGES USE? That’s a loaded question which is exceedingly difficult to answer, but one that comes up quite frequently in meeting with clients. To dispel any myths, there is no such thing as a “standard visitation schedule.” In fact, Florida lawmakers haven’t used the term “visitation” for many years, with…

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Unwanted Divorce – A Christian Perspective.

Florida, as in most states, is a no-fault system. Meaning that if your spouse wants to get divorced, it’s going to happen. Courts in Florida do have the authority to put a temporary hold on the proceedings to allow for marriage counseling, but in practice, this almost exclusively occurs only when both spouses agree to…

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Today is National Spouse’s Day!

Unlike Valentine’s Day, National Spouse’s Day isn’t about fancy gifts or elegant dinners. It’s about spending quality time with your spouse and appreciating the ways they enrich your life. Celebrating National Spouses Day is a great way to reconnect with your spouse and keep that spark alive. Studies have shown that couples who take time…

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Why is Divorce So Expensive? 4 Tips for Controlling Your Legal Fees.

Why is Divorce So Expensive

Getting divorced is often an expensive endeavor. Why does it cost so much? And what can you do about it? It’s a crass saying, but often true: “It’s cheaper to keep her.” The same goes for him, too. The unfortunate reality is that getting divorced can be expensive when spouses disagree. And if they’re getting…

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All the buzz in the legal and accounting community right now is over the 2018 Tax Laws. If you are divorced, thinking of divorce, or in the process of divorce, then you need to know how the Tax Bill affects you and your case. I am not an accountant, I am a divorce attorney but…

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New Year, New You – Modifying the Terms of Your Settlement Agreement

New Year, New You – Modifying the Terms of your Settlement Agreement

The New Year is an opportune time to update your settlement agreement. Eat less. Exercise more. Work less. Spend more time with family. Fewer bad habits. More good habits. All the typical New Year’s resolutions that often become cast aside once the shiny optimism of the New Year meets the grimy reality of the daily…

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Happy New Year from the team at Beaulieu-Fawcett Law Group

HAPPY NEW YEAR! From our family to yours we wish you a peaceful New Year filled with joy and many blessings! Beaulieu-Fawcett Law Group Thank you for your continued trust in our firm. The greatest compliment we can receive is the referral of a new client. – The team at Beaulieu-Fawcett Law Group, P.A.

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Tips for Holiday Timesharing Success

The holiday season should be a time for joy, celebration and spending time with family and friends. This is the time of year for creating memories that last a lifetime and can be passed on to the next generation. Put children first For a child, the holiday season represents a magical time of the year…

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